PPP dialup question

PPP dialup question

Post by Marquis de carvdaw » Mon, 10 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Wow, look at all of the PPP questions...

Okay, I have RH 5.1, and things are setup fine...kernel is compiled to
ppp, and I am trying to use netcfg to dial into my ISP (who is running a
PPPd).  My ISP says to enable PAP.

I tried to dial in and couldn't get anything with route -n or ifconfig
ppp0.  I checked
/var/log/messages, and saw that when the server is asking for the login,
my box is
sending "115200" for some reason.

Could someone give some advice to a new Linux user?  I have the HOWTO on

PPP and ISP dial up, but, well, things should be easier than




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bootup. I know how to do this through the control panel in X but I can't
stand X and want to get rid of it and just use linux. Anyone know how to do
this or where information about something like this can be found???


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