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i've just set up a new linux machine, intending for it to be telnetted
into across an ethernet intranet.  I'm trying to get it to serve news,
with the intention of users telnetting in, and using pine to access the
news.  I've tried all the thing mentioned in the howto's and net admin
guide, but i keep getting the same errors, when using inews it tells me
it has no permission to acces the news server at domain).
can anybody help me? I either need to know what to do to solve this, or
preferably, a dumb-ass guide to setting up news services.  I installed
all the software for news handling, which was bundled with slackware
(downloaded from a mirror early last week), so it has all been installed
through slackware setup.

could you please send any reply to me via e-mail as well as the group, as
my server here tends to purge quickly.

many thanks


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