e-mail delivery not working (smail)

e-mail delivery not working (smail)

Post by Luca Lizze » Fri, 05 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I have installed smail (the linx binaries on sunsite). My mail feed is
through UUCP. The sending and receiving of e-mail is all right, but
incoming mail messages just keep accumulating in

runq -v -d9 says that it could't acquire lock on mailbox.

Anyone can help me? (I tried the FAQs, the NAG, the Mail-HOWTO, all to
no avail)
Let me know if you need further details.

My setup:
Kernel 1.3.5[0-3], libc 5.3.0 and 4.7.5, uucp-1.06.1, smail-

Thanks in advance.


1. Problem with smail not delivering incoming e-mail

        First, please send a copy of any answers to

time... :)
        I logged into my debian box today, and found no mail. Being
subscribed to this list, this was a bad omen. No mail has arrived in
the past two days. This same problem happened in the past, but I
sorted it out (unfortunately, I don't know how!).

        Basically, if I telnet to my computer's port 25, I don't get
an indication that smail is sitting there. It looks as if it might
have something to do with /etc/hosts.deny, because telnetting to the
local loop port 25 does not have any problems at all, and local mail
is delivered without a glitch. Mail from the outside world seems to
time out waiting to issue the HELO/EHLO command to my in.smtpd.

        I am using smail, as packaged in slink. All
dependencies are fine, and I don't know what has caused this program
to stop working.

        Please, if someone's got an idea, help.


Jose L Gomez Dans                       PhD student
                                        Radar & Communications Group
                                        Department of Electronic Engineering
                                        University of Sheffield UK

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