Routing multiple public IPs to multiple internal networks

Routing multiple public IPs to multiple internal networks

Post by epid » Fri, 04 Aug 2006 12:19:40

Here is the situation:

We are going to be getting an internet connection with a /28 block of
public IPs. What I would like to do is be able to filter all of the
traffic through one Router/Firewall box so I can do filtering, QoS,
bandwidth monitoring, etc. and give a public IP to a series of Linksys
routers for different tenants in the building. I am not quite sure how
to setup the IPs since I have only had experience with 1 public IP and
NAT in the past. I have tentatively come up with this setup but I
wanted to run it by someone more knowledgable than myself before
ordering the equipment and deploying everything. Here is a diagram to
help clarify:

Quote:>From ISP: x.y.z.224/28

     |   ISP Router   |
     |  x.y.z.225/28  |
    |   x.y.z.226/28  |
    | Router/Firewall |
    |   x.y.z.227/28  |
    |      Switch      |
      |              |
      |              |
      |              |
+------------+ +------------+
|x.y.z.228/28| |x.y.z.229/28|
|  Linksys   | |  Linksys   |
+------------+ +------------+
 | | | | | |    | | | | | |
 | | | | | |    | | | | | |
   Private        Private
   Network        Network

Would this addressing scheme work? I thought about subdividing the
subnet but I don't want to lose IPs in the process and it seems like it
would unnecessarily complicate things.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi folks,

 I did some searching around and found nothing conclusive, at least
something that showed clues how to do this.

 My problem is the following: I have a range of public IP's that I
want to use to connect to different internal machines.

 For example: ip A connects trought Linux NAT router  to machine M1
              IP B to machine M2
              and so on.

 I already have iptables set up trough Guarddog, and everything works
fine. But Guarddog doesn't do nothing regarding iptables NAT mode.

My Linux router has two NIC's. I'm using Mandrake 9.

Any ideas how can I acomplish this? Any tools?



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