Configuring News (WAS:Post News with tin)

Configuring News (WAS:Post News with tin)

Post by Ned Kel » Mon, 09 Sep 1996 04:00:00

: When I want to post a news I must go in the UNI.
: Because when I want to post a news from home with tin
: I get an Error: To Post is not allowed.

Apparently, the news on your machine isn't configured right, just like my
machine. I'm using Slackware 3.0 and I'm trying to get the news set up so
as to develop a nymserver on a UUCP feed! When I hand-tried inews as
root, the computer gave a "machine not permitted to post" error like you
got. I tried the news howto, but it was too ambiguous for me to figure
out. :( I also have the Linux Network Administrator's Guide, but there
must be something I'm missing, and it's the thing that is keeping me from
setting up the news.

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1. I can't post news with Tin : why??

Haai ther,

I just got a local news-server (INN) up and running and tried to post a
message with Tin. Tin gives as answer : 441 Posting failed.
Any idea where this is coming from?
I recomiled INN and the install placed it in differnet directories that
Tin expects. For instance I had to make a symlink to the 'active' file
and 'inews'
to get it up and running for a little bit. I've to run it via NNTP as
well instead of using the local news/spool, cause otherwise I only can
see the groups and not the messages in it.

Any help would be appreciated.

PS.: it works via Netscape, but sometimes I don't run X-windows..


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