Sendmail and expanding to members of Linux groups

Sendmail and expanding to members of Linux groups

Post by Ruud van den Bri » Thu, 23 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hi Folks,

group sot, without having to manually edit the aliases file. Can
someone tell me how i have to do this using sendmail?

I thought something like:

sot: sot
everyone: users

within the aliases file should do the work (but unfortunately it

How do I fix this?


ps. please remove the nospam part when replying.


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Hi, folks-

Just working with some permissions assignments and was wondering
wheather a group can a member of a group.  And if so, do the permissions
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eg/   groupa has Bob as a member
        groupb has groupa as a member
        if groupb has the permissions to delete a file, does Bob as

much appreciated

Scott Syms

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