Linux as PPTP Server for MS PPTP Clients?

Linux as PPTP Server for MS PPTP Clients?

Post by Jim Campbel » Sat, 09 Jan 1999 04:00:00

We are evaluating Linux to supplement/replace our NT servers. At present
we use Microsoft PPTP to allow remote NT clients to access our office
network via our Internet connection.  My question is: Is there a
combination of NT client software and Linux server software to allow
VPN/PPTP type connections? In my search of Linux HOW-TOs, etc. I have
come across Linux-to-Linux VPN connections and even a Linux client for
MS PPTP ( but no
Linux PPTP servers for MS clients. Ideally we would like a Linux daemon
that would work with the standard NT client.

Any suggested solutions?

Jim Campbell
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1. pptp linux client to pptp nt server

i try in the moment desperatly to connect a linux (a 2.2 kernel) to
connect via pptp to a nt server. my provider uses this tunnel to give us
direct access to the internet. (till now we have only www with a proxy).
the problem is, that the nt just does not answer. the provider testet
with a windows system from our office (it's inhouse), this did work.

does anyone know this problem or better even a solution?

we use
pptp-linux client 1.0.2
pppd 2.3.8
the nt version i don't know, i think it's quite new
there is no firewall between the two computers (because it's to tunnel
the intranet)
we want to use PAP for authentification

in our log file only is written that pppd sends a LCP config request,
after doing this some times it disconnects, because no answer arrives.
(sorry, i have now the exactly text not here, because i am now home).
also the log file from the provider did only say, that something
connected but not more.

we testet with a linux pptp server, this worked. we have allready tried
really all kinds of configuration, so if this is the reason it must be
quite tricky.

it seems the both linux softwares understand and the both ms softwares,
but unfortunally not linux-ms.

anyone knows something?


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