firewalling three ways

firewalling three ways

Post by Zaki Al » Sat, 28 Sep 1996 04:00:00

is it posible to firewall between three ethernet cards in one box? or 4
... or more ?

Zaki Alam


1. Three legged Firewall


Im new on linux and should set up a three-legged-firewall on our net.
Right now it looks like this. :
Router IP 195.x.x.x/29 (Gateway) Public IP
eth0                   |
195.x.x.x/29       |
 Public IP           |
                       eth2  --------------- DMZ contains web server with
private ip
eth1                   |  |

Can this work like this ?

I manage to acces the web Server in the DMZ (with DNAT) from internal
Network but im not able to access the web Server from the Internet.
Is it possible that my ISP must support NAT to ?



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