Wu-ftp guest user can't log in?

Wu-ftp guest user can't log in?

Post by Shubin Wan » Wed, 03 Mar 1999 04:00:00

 I install RH 5.1 in HP Server, and want to learn virtual server.
After read man ftpaccess,I modify ftpaccess by add
guestgroup ftp
and add a new user dgz
dgz:xxxxx:505:50:test user:/home/httpd/htdocs/www/./dgz:/usr/sbin/passwd
and cp /home/ftp/* -r /home/httpd/htdocs/www
use dgz to telnet is OK
but use dgz to ftp will display
530 Login incorrect          <-----------------Reply

what is wrong? Please teach me.

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1. Guest ftp users are not located in their wu-ftp home directory

Hello to all.
I have a wu-ftp server installed on my Redhat Linux 7.2 system and I
set its configuration to be used by both anonymous and guest users.I
have defined all
my guest users in the "group1" group and then i have defined this
group (group1) as a guestgroup in my "ftpaccess" file.
My "ftpaccess" file is look like the below :

class class1 guest,anonymous  *
loginfails 5
private no
hostname ftp.mycompany.com

show-everytime message yes
message /.login.msg  LOGIN
readme  README* CWD=*
passwd-check    none    warn
log commands anonymous,guest,real
log security anonymous,guest,real
log transfers anonymous,guest,real inbound
log transfers anonymous,guest,real outbound
anonymous-root /home/ftp/users/general
guest-root /home/ftp/users
guestgroup group1
passwd /home/ftp/users/etc/passwd
shadow /home/ftp/users/etc/shadow

Each line in my guest password file (/home/ftp/users/etc/passwd) is
look like the below :

I have set a different home directory for each guest user in the
/home/ftp/users directory that is the root directory for guest users.
But when I login by one of my guest account to ftp server,all of the
users and other directories in the /home/ftp/users directory is shown
and the user dosn't located to him or her directory. Of course the
guest user can only go to his own directory and can not go to other
users directories.

Who can tell me how to locate my guest users in their home directory
at the login time ?

Thanks a lot.

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