Slow Cable Modem\Setting NIC media type

Slow Cable Modem\Setting NIC media type

Post by Rober » Fri, 12 Apr 2002 20:17:33

I have a cable modem and am only getting download speeds of approximately
10Kbs speeds under Suse 7.3 Pro. With Win98 I get download speeds of about

I have checked the various newsgroups and How-To's and believe my problem is
a media type mismatch between the cable modem and nic.

To check this, I set Win 98 for 10Mbs full duplex, and got the same
performance as Suse. When I set Win98 for 10Mbs *half-duplex* performance
returned to the 3Mbs range again.

Question 1:    Am I on the right track thinking it is a media mismatch?

Question 2:    If so, how do I set the media type in Suse?

The often recommended mii-tool utility is not recognized when I attempt to
run it.

Thanks in advance for all replies,

Asus CUSL2-BP(Black Pearl) with 815 chipset
ATI Rage Fury Pro 32MB
3Com 3C905b-TX  NIC (running on unshared IRQ9)
3Com 3CR29223-A Cable Modem (Shark Fin)
SIIG Ultra ATA-100 PCI card
Maxtor 40GB
Maxtor 6.8GB
Pioneer 106S DVD
Samsung 24X CDRW