virtual e-mail . Linux 2.0.10

virtual e-mail . Linux 2.0.10

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1. L 10 10 10 10...

help! frustration turning to anger!

installed OpenLinux 1.3 have a Windows NT system with 2 EIDE drives,
4.3G and 5.7G. The latter was unused so I decided to install there just
to avoid any potential problems.  First time things appeared to go
pretty well.  Being new to Linux I read a number of HOW-To docs
including the one on Linux+NT-Loader.  I followed the instructions to
the letter including using the bootpart util to add Linux to the NT menu
and installing LILO on the linux partition rather than the NT MBR, so I
figured I was all set when the install and X-Windows config appeared to
go well and I had Linux up and running pretty quickly.  However, when I
rebooted the system to bring up NT I discovered that one of the
partitions on the first drive, the one with the DOS partitions, had been
completely wiped.  Specifically the logical drive that linux knew as
/dev/hda6 had been emptied, even though I had used fdisk to create linux
native and swap partitions on /dev/hdb1, /dev/hdb3, /dev/hdb4.  NT still
worked, but virtually all of my own applications and files were gone.
    The best was yet to come, however.  When I tried to use the Linux
option off the NT menu I got a message that the ntoskrnl was corrupt.
As I said I was still able to run NT fine.  I quickly discovered that I
could still use the boot/install disk to get linux running and
everything seemed to work fine.  At this point I began to second guess
which of the two linux native partitions I had installed LILO, so I
decided to reinstall linux.  Again everything seemed to go ok, except...

    I still couldn't use the NT menu to get to Linux, so I decided to
delete the linux partitions, and start over.  This is where the big
trouble when I try to boot the system with the boot/install
disk that comes with 1.3 all I get is
L 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10...
using rawrite to create a boot disk has the same effect...and trying to
boot with a Red Hat 4.1 boot.img disk produces something very similar...

error 0X10

if anybody can help, you'd make a rapidly aging man very happy,

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