trafshow error --- socket error

trafshow error --- socket error

Post by digitalklow » Thu, 24 Jun 1999 04:00:00

i just updated my kernel successfully to 2.2.10, and everything has
worked lovely, somethings just as screwy and lp

but i can't run trafshow--- it outputs this

"open: Socket type not supported"

/var/log/messages ----

"modprobe: can't locate module net-pf-17"

any help is appreciated, thanks


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I've looked through this newsgroup, but I haven't quite found the
explanation for the error messages I'm getting in my log file.  I'm
running apache 1.1.3 and this message shows up periodically.

accept: Connection reset by peer
- socket error: accept failed
accept: Connection reset by peer

I'm using the default configuration that comes with apache.  I don't
have any virtual servers or anything like that going on.  As a matter of
fact, the only page on the server right now is the default home page.
I may have traced it to a school that has only ip addresses, no machine
names.  They get a socket not connected error when they try to connect
using Netscape.  Does this have anything to do with the above messages?
Is there any way I can allow them to access the web server?

I'm running apache 1.1.3 under redhat 4.1 (linux 2.0.27)

Any ideas?


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