Transmit Timeouts

Transmit Timeouts

Post by Dustin Moo » Sun, 19 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Help! :)....I'm using linux version 1.3.83 with an Etherexpress card
using eepro.c ver 0.07a and I occasionally get this:

kernel: eth0: transmit timed out, network cable problem?
in the syslog. When ever this error occurs it stops being able to talk
to the network until the machine is soft-rebooted. I'm using this
machine as a web server that see's occasionally heavy usage but I have
not been able to conclusively prove that the problems occur during
heavy transfer times. I have examined the cable and swapped ports on
the network hub that it is connected to however that fact that a
restart fixes the problem does not indicate a hardware problem.

Anybody have any idea's? Do I need to upgrade the kernel or something?


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I have set up a Linux machine (kernel 2.0.34) as a gateway using ipfwadm
and two ethernet cards(3c509 and  rtl8139). My second card (rtl8139)
intermittently gives this error:
eth1 Transmit timeout, status 0d0000. At this point I have to reboot.

It works just fine most of the time. The one thing that seems to prompt
the problems is activity from my girlfriends Mac. Although it worked for
several days even with the Mac.  When I use win98 to access the Internet
through the gateway I don't seem to have any problems.

I have looked in the Network Admin Guide, Sys. Admin Guide, Net 3 howto,
ip masq mini howto, multiple ethernet card howto, but can't find any
reference to what might cause this timeout.

Any help or referral to more documentation is very much appreciated.
Please post response or email to will (a) tfwhite . com, don't reply to
posting address.

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