Bridging ethernet interface through wlan interface in linux

Bridging ethernet interface through wlan interface in linux

Post by Sean » Wed, 03 Mar 2010 04:28:09

I am wondering how to bridge eth iface over wlan iface, associated to
a managed-mode AP without mangling source MAC.

It's my understanding that a managed mode ap will reject frames with a
source mac other than one who is associated, hence all downstream
clients from the bridge won't get their traffic through successfully.

I cannot find any definitive answers but I'd like to achieve this with
ubuntu linux karmic on a notebook computer, associated to my ap at
home, to bridge onto the wired interface for downstream clients
(namely my blueray player, television, and home theater pc).

Has anyone successfully done this? Does it require a mangle rule to
mash up and impersonate the wlan iface's mac (associated) to work?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hi all,

please apologize, half of this message may be off topic.

I'm building a home network using a standard DSL modem/router (Netgear
dg834g). This works fine for all computers equipped with a wlan card.

I'd like to include a file server into this network, it's an old
machine running debian and equipped with a standard LAN interface. For
practical reasons I can't connect it to the router with a cable, so I'm
thinking about how to include it into the network.

The most logical solution would be to equip the machine with an
wireless interface, but that's quite a time consuming task as i would
have to find a supported wlan chipset, patch the kernel etc.

I do possess another wireless router (netgear mr814) designed to work
combined with a dsl modem.
I'd like to know whether one can use this router as a simple wireless
access point, and have it be part of the original network (sth. that
doesn't work out of the box as the thing is designed to be a router).

Could anyone give me a hint whether this is possible, or do I have to
connect the server via its own wlan eth device. In that case could
anyone reccommend a chipset that works fine on a debian sarge minimal


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