Accessing cc:mail using linux

Accessing cc:mail using linux

Post by Roger Pette » Wed, 23 Dec 1998 04:00:00

Hi. I'm playing a linux advocate within my company and after
installing slackware 3.5 and most network services on my box I'd like
all users to be able to read their cc:mail email as well.

I'd like to be able to set it up so it works with (for example) pine
or netscape mail.

The cc:mail server is on a firewall and either doesn't support pop3
(or imap) or we don't have access to it - not sure which.

Currently to read cc:mail under windows, a ccmail/ccmail/ccdata is
made accessible using a mounted drive.

Cc:mail seems to do something magic and pulls the relevant mails form
a bunch of UsrXXXXX files, where XXXXX is some number.

I am using cc:mail v6.03

I'd imagine, if there is a way, it involves either some sort of filter
application to change the cc:mail format to /var/spool/mail style, or
some sort of relay perhaps which is installed on the mail server and
forwards using smtp.

The other problem is that the usernames under Linux are different from
those used to access cc:mail, e.g. fredq under Linux and Fred Quimby
under cc:mail. I expect this problem could be worked around using some
sort of lookup table mapping usernames->real names.

Any solution also shouldn't disable access to cc:mail by  normal

As the tech support guys here don't support Linux (yet) and didn't
know how to do this anyway, anyone else know of any tools or
work-around methods?

Anyone else been in the same situation and managed to work around it
some other way? Sadly, nuking cc:mail doesn't appear to be an option

Oh.. I don't think running cc:mail under wine would be a brilliant
plan either ;)
(.... hmm, come to think of it, might be worth a try though!)



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