Redhat 6.2 Installations

Redhat 6.2 Installations

Post by Matthew David Pickar » Wed, 06 Dec 2000 04:00:00

I am trying to install Redhat 6.2 on a box I put together.  The video card
is a Diamond Stealth II S220.  My end goal is to share my cable modem

with a boot disk (my computer won't boot from the CD-ROM anymore, it used
to).  It always locks up when it prepares to install the packages.  I've
tried taking everything but the video card out.

Anyway suggestions?


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1. RedHat 6.2 Installation question

We have a Compaq ProLiant 3000r server with a SmartArray 431
controller installed. When installing Red Hat 6.2 from the CD, we are
able to get through the entire installation process without any
hangups. It's seeing the RAID as a single drive, we partition it using
Disk Druid, and we're writing to the MBR without any error messages.
At the end of the process, it says to reboot and remove the
installation media. We do that, it powers back up, and then...nothing.
A black screen with a blinking cursor. Frankly, we can't figure out
why the process would be failing.

Anyone have any ideas?

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