NT Network can see Linux but linux no see NT

NT Network can see Linux but linux no see NT

Post by Brian Keene » Thu, 23 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I have my Linux notebook configured to use either fixed IP or to work as
a dhcp Client when I am at one of my customers.  At home on the fixed IP
- my Win95 PC's can see my linux notebook and my linux notebook can see
my Win95 PC's.  At my client site I am getting an IP address from an NT
dhcp server and the WinNT workstations can see my linux notebook and the
directories I have set up for share.  I am using xsmbrowser on the linux
machine and have tried some command lines as well.  The Linux machine can
see a list of the two workgroups on the NT network and all the computers
that are in its same workgroup but if I try to access a particular
machine it tells me it could not be found ie:

#nmblookup -R -U FPC_ATL_DEV_04
querying FPC_ATL_DEV_04 on
name_query failed to find name FPC_ATL_DEV_04

I can ping the workstation by its IP address and also ping the Wins
server and we are reportedly set up to use either plain passwords or
encrypted passwords.  I am using Samba 2.0.6 and RH6.0 2.2.5.  Anyone
have any ideas or can point me in the right direction where to look.



NT Network can see Linux but linux no see NT

Post by Brian Keene » Fri, 24 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I think I have traced this problem to networking configuration problems.
It appears the broadcast address is not getting set properly when I boot
this machine as a dhcp client.  I am using a pcmcia network card and the
/etc/pcmcia/networking schemes along with the dhcpcd client.  I am
wondering if there is a bug in /etc/pcmcia/network such that when it uses
the client maybe it should also be accessing /etc/dhcpc/dhcpcd-eth0.info
to get the IPADDR, NETMASK, BROADCAST and such before it falls through
the rest of the script.  Has anyone else had any experience in this




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