FTP client inside linux firewall communicating with FTP server inside another linux firewall

FTP client inside linux firewall communicating with FTP server inside another linux firewall

Post by Vlar Schreidlock » Sat, 27 Jan 2001 07:01:04

I am trying to use an Windows FTP client (BPFTP) behind a linux
firewall computer running ipchains and ipmasqadm portfw to communicate
with an Windows FTP server (War, G6, ServU) behind another linux
firewall set up more or less the same way. The server is on port 21,
but I have port fowarding on the linux box that redirects port 27015
to port 21 on the internal FTP server. I also forwarded port 20 on the
external firewall to port 20 on the internal computer with the FTP
server. I can communicate with the FTP server from outside the
firewall from an un-firewalled computer, but not using PASV. From the
FTP client inside the linux firewalled LAN I can connect, but do
nothing else. I'm sure someone in this group is very familiar with
this issue and can help me.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.


1. FTP server behind linux firewall communicating w/ FTP behind linux firewall

I have a Windows-based FTP server (G6) behind a linux firewall box
running ipchain and ipmasqadm portfw rules to enable communication
with the out side world. I can connect to this server from the
outside, but PASV doesn't work. I have rules that allow ports above
1023 for the PASV traffic and I also had put the FTP server on a
haigher port other than 21.  I portfw'd the same port through to the
internal Windows machine running the ftp server as well as forwarding
the ftp-data. I have the ip_masq_ftp module loaded. I'm not sure why
PASV doesn't work.

Also, the other thing I'm trying to get working is communicating with
this same FTP server from a client within another linux-firewalled
(also using ipchains and portfw rules) LAN. I can connect, but can't
get any data transfers going, including directory listings, using
either PASV or regular FTP. I'm not sure if I should be forwarding
ftp-data to the internal machine running the ftp client.

What I ultimately want to do is be able to connect from a client
within on linux firewalled LAN to an ftp server inside another linux
firewalled LAN on a non-standard port and using PASV if possible. Any
help would be appreciated.

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