Help - Just get me started

Help - Just get me started

Post by Dominic KilBrid » Sat, 29 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Hello all,
I have a network connection (tcp/ip) in a room that i use for a few nights a
week. I would like to set up a linux based web server that is running all
the time. I must also connect with a NT portable that i use for work. The
problem is that i am only allowed one IP address and if the hub "feels"
another network card it shuts down.
My question is what would be the best way to connect both machines? IP
maskerading sounds like it might do the right thing but I wonder if i could
use a router on a small 486 or something ??
What should i do??



1. !!Getting rid of auto start programs at start/Dialing up freeserve!!

is there a way to get rid of those nasty startup proggies as soon as you log
in...i think its the redhathat help browser, and midnight commander that
start first...
also how do i dialup to freeserve...i found a diaup program in the
menu's...i set that up but i get errors windoze the diamond
56k modem is on com3, but i tried that for linux and it doesnt appear to
agree with me?
how can i tell what port its on...
there is a modem in the dialup bit..when i click delete, then close it, it
magically re-appears there a way to reconfigure the settings i
chose when it first detected the modem?
or could someone tell me the steps to setting up an internet connection..the
only thing i think i will need is the DNS of freeserve..i have my login info
and telephone number already

thanx for listening to my ramblings, but i cant find any info in the help


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