USR Sportster Problem

USR Sportster Problem

Post by Tim Barbe » Sat, 12 Feb 2000 04:00:00


I seem to be having a problem with my USR Sportster 28.8 external modem, and
I was wondering if anybody else is having this problem. Currently I am using
the 6.1 version of the Redhat distro. It seems that when I fire up my ppp
connection that I am having a problem connecting. I put an analyzer on the
line, and it seems that I am both sending and receiving the character "t" as


1. USR Sportster problems


I recently installed RH 5.1. I have a USR SPortster 56k PnP modem, and I
seem to get it configured. I've tried configuring with modemtool and
netcfg, that
doesn't do anything. I tried following the steps in the PPP-howto on the
RH cd.
It looks like the modem is not being accessed at all (ifconfig never
shows an
entry for ppp0).

I didn't have ppp configured in my kernel to start with, I had to
recompile the kernel.
My modem is on COM1, so I've tried linking /dev/modem to /dev/cua1 and
/dev/ttyS1 respectively, none works.

When I activate ppp0, I can see the process running in the background,
but the modem
does not dial. If I use minicom, it just hangs and I can't get it to do
anything. Have I
missed something? I really need to get this thing working!!


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