Squid and LDAP

Squid and LDAP

Post by Nick » Thu, 13 Mar 2003 07:55:11

Has anyone got LDAP working with Squid to log (in this case) NetWare
user names?

I can't figure it out at all....

TIA, Nick
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1. Squid proxy and Novell Edirectory via ldap?

Hi, I've been struggling with this one for a couple of months off and
on and can't find the answers on the net so here goes:

I want to get Squid proxy to log NetWare user names rather than just
machine IP addresses. I know that my NetWare ldap servers are working
ok as I have different ldap uses and they talk to NetWare ok but not

I have the squid.conf set to use pam_auth and it does prompt for a
login, but whatever you type in the box it returns an access denied error.

How can I check that the Squid proxy server is communicating to the
Novell ldap servers? Is there a util I can use that will test it?

If it isn't talking to the ldap servers, what config files do I look
at to get it to work?

If it is talking to the ldap servers, what else could be wrong?

Most of the info I've found on the net talks about setting up a secure
tunnel connection using stunnel. stunnel doesn't seem to exist on my

For info:
SuSE 8.0
NetWare Edirectory 8.7
NLDAP v2.? on the NetWare servers

Thanks in advance,

(NetWare CNE, but not that good on Linux!:)

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