Mandrake, Cups, Brother HL-1440 and Trailer Pages on Speedstream s2614 router/print server

Mandrake, Cups, Brother HL-1440 and Trailer Pages on Speedstream s2614 router/print server

Post by D.R » Wed, 21 Aug 2002 16:36:08

I'm using Mandrake 8.2, and Brother HL-1440 attached to Speedstream
2614's router/print server.

The printer works o.k. using Cups, and "printer on remote lpd server".
IP assigned to the address of the router, and LPT1 as the printer name
(2614 doc is incorrect, listing the printer name as lp).  The problem
is that I get 2 extra sheets at the end of each job: 1 blank sheet,
and 1 "job trailer" sheet.  "Job trailer" sheet contains hostname
written across the top in ascii art, and the lines: "lpd: Job
Trailer", and "Date:" at the bottom of the page.

I turned the banner pages (before, after) off in CUPS web admin
(localhost:631), and also using xpp, but the trailer pages keep on

Any ideas on how to turn the trailer pages off?

HPdirect print server had a similar problem.  Solution was to telnet
into the print server and turn off the banner.  Unfortunatelly I
cannot telnet into the 2614, and there isn't much info on the 2614.

I suspect a problem with the software since the trailer pages do not
show up while printing in w2k.

I'll try connecting the printer directly to computer, and see if it
makes any difference.

thanks in advance


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