Novell Netware diskless

Novell Netware diskless

Post by Robert Komane » Fri, 23 Aug 1996 04:00:00

We have a bunch of diskless PCs with bootROMs, which we use
[and need] to boot DOS (or what) with the Novel Netware server.

I've read somewhere, taht there is a way of booting from Novell
server and downloading the linux image from it, but I can't recollect
where it was.

Does anybody have this configuration up and running?



1. Caldera and Novell NetWare Client

I'm trying to get Caldera Linux to recognize my Novell NetWare 3.12
network at my work.  The manual says it should automatically detect
the IPX network, but it doesn't.  I know it's there, because I can
log into it on the same machine using dos/windows.  I also know
that my ne2000 network card is found by Linux and it also has IPX
support compiled into the kernel.  I sent mail to (unofficial) tech
support and got this:


This means that IPX is not finding an IPX network.

Examine /proc/net/ipx, /proc/net/ipx_interface, /proc/net/ipx_route

They should have entries such as:

$ cat /proc/net/ipx
Local_Address  Remote_Address              Tx_Queue  Rx_Queue  State  Uid

$ cat /proc/net/ipx_interface
Network    Node_Address   Primary  Device     Frame_Type
CC638D00   0000C0B23BB5   Yes      eth0       802.2
DEADDEAD   0000C0B23BB5   No       eth0       802.3
BEEFBEEF   0000C0B23BB5   No       eth0       EtherII

$ cat /proc/net/ipx_route    
Network    Router_Net   Router_Node
BEEFBEEF   Directly     Connected
DEADDEAD   Directly     Connected
CC638D00   Directly     Connected


ok, I know it's not detecting it, but I am wondering why, and what
can I do to solve the problem.  When I look at /proc/net, those
files are there, but they are all zero length, with nothing in them.
Has anyone else had any success logging into NetWare?


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