zones in Netatalk

zones in Netatalk

Post by lassebo » Tue, 08 Nov 2005 23:11:19

hi, folks,

for the last years we used a NT-box for the zone-administration.

netatalk 2.0.2 on a debian-system should replace the old NT-box.

but i am not able to set up zones with the debian-box.

i got two NICs, eth1 and eth2, both are on the same network. I tried in
the atalkd.conf:

eth1 -seed -phase 2 -net 111-200 addr 115.30 -zone "mac-server"
eth2 -phase 2

but at least on a mac with 10.3 I  cant see anything, no zones o the
network (Command - Shift K) nor when I am trying to choose the zone in
the system preferences => network => ethernet => AppleTalk

But when I am setting the system preferences => network => ethernet =>
AppleTalk- dialogue box to "manual" and editing it to, let us say, node
30 and net 115 an when I then activate AppleTalk, that network- and
nodenumbers are showing up in the atalkd.conf at eth2.

I understand that it is OK to set eth2 to -phase 2 in the atalkd.conf,
but why do I forst have to use my powerbook to transfer
zone-informations from the client to the netatalk-router / -server? It
should be vice versa.

I tried a lot of tutorials, disabled the firewall on the netatalk-box,
tried different Mac-clients - but still it is not possible to define
the zones on the Netatalk-box.

Anyone a good suggestion?

thanx a lot in advance!


lars behrens


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 Hello people.

 I've Linux server with Samba + NWE (Mars). I need to add here Appletalk
as well. Heterogeneous network, you know. :)
 I've SuSE 6.0 + netatalk-1.4b2+asun2.0a18.2
 Well the question.
 Could I create a new zone. There is already zone on the cable but
it belongs to different dept. As far as I read from MacOS help there could
be many zones on one physical net. So how could I create one with netatalk.
It is no problem in principle to use same zone as another dept. but would be
better to have our own.
 Second, when I login to my server from macs I get Password: .... (clear
text). How could I change to Kerberos as I read in man that netatalk
supports Kerberos? This is more important for me.

Andrey Nikolaev                                 Ulm university,
Department of Biophysics.                       Germany.

                Substitute physik instead of !*! .                      

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