Linux, Samba and Windows

Linux, Samba and Windows

Post by Mark Robert » Thu, 21 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Yep - your Windows'98 machine sends encrypted passwords.
There is a security hole in SAMBA and Win'95 where passwords were sent
in clear form across the network so anyone could intercept them.

There are several solutions:
a) setup Win'98 to send passwords in clear form
        [you can do this using regedit, this means you accept the resulting
security hole]
b) get SAMBA to use encrypted passwords and either
                get the patch to update your Win'95 box to encrypt passwords
                upgrade your Win'95 box to Win'98

There is a web site for SAMBA detailing the problems - can't remember
the link though.

> Hello!

> I recently installed Linux (RedHat 5.2) and Samba on one machine in my small
> network (3 computers, no dedicated server, Ethernet-hub). Both my
> Windows-machines finds my Linux-computer when I run Samba. On one of them I
> run Windows 95 and on the other I run Windows 98. But it is only on my
> Windows 95-machine I actually can log in with a password. In Windows 98 I
> can't get it to accept the password (the same password as in 95). On both
> computers I log in with the same username. What is the problem? Any
> suggestions?

> Bengt