Netware 4.x gateway( IP to IPX translater)

Netware 4.x gateway( IP to IPX translater)

Post by Fred A Richa » Wed, 08 Mar 2000 04:00:00

anyone know of free Netware 4.x gateway (IP to IPX translater)
software I can use with Linux (probably Mandrake 7.0).

thanks.  BTW, I'm not looking for a way to logon to a Netware server
(that's covered in the HOWTO and at  Just
need a way to use TCP/IP client software on a Linux box attached to a
4.x Netware network.
Fred Richard

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1. netware gateway (ipx to ip) software

I'm looking for free netware 4.x gateway software (that is,
translates ipx to ip packets) to run on Linux -- probably
Mandrake 7.0.

I'm not looking for how one connects to a netware server since
that is covered in the HOWTOs and, but
instead for a way to run TCP/IP client software like ftp,
netscape, telnet on my Linux desktop while connected to a Netware
4.x network.

Fred Richard

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