HELP: 0x1x error with nmbd and other samba errors - linux

HELP: 0x1x error with nmbd and other samba errors - linux

Post by Bill Hansley (Delete *NS* to repl » Tue, 25 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I have samba 1.9.16P3 running on a redhat linux box and am unable to get
Samba going completely. When I do a 'smbclient -L unixbox', I get the

No interface found....
Added interface...
error connecting to .... (connection refused)

smbd is running according to the proc list as is nmbd. The only errors
I've been able to find are in samba_log.nmbd

no 0x1d name type in interpret_node_status()

netstat -a shows netbios-ssn alive and listening (although it doesn't
mention on what port...)




1. samba - nmbd problem - SOCKET READ ERROR

My Linux /Samba combination was working fine until I had to move the
machine to a different network. Now I'm encountering the weirdest
My old address was, netmask and the new address is, netmask
All the standard tests for checking net configuration work fine, so I'm
assuming that the net is setup
The log.nmb files shows a lot of 'SOCKET READ ERROR 110'messages.
Running nmblookup to a remote
site yields the expected result i.e the IP address of that site. However
nmblookup to the local site does not return any result, as if nmbd did
not catch the broadcasted message. Also the output from nmblookup has
the line
Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
where does that netmask come from?
Needless to day, the linux box is now longer visible to my Win95 box.

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