Sudden change in pppd behavior

Sudden change in pppd behavior

Post by mh » Fri, 31 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I'm running RH 6.0 and have been using a USR 56k ISA PNP modem, with PNP
disabled, for over six months without a problem.  Never a dropped
connection, 49k+ connection speeds with multiple ISPs.  Used on a daily

About a week ago, I started experiencing dial-up problems.  Immediately
after hand-shaking, the modem would disconnect then re-dial, disconnect,
etc.  No error messages.  This happened regardless of the ISP I was
trying to connect to.  I manually set the connect speed to 19.2k (kppp
settings) and can connect at that speed without a problem.  Anything
higher and I go into a connect/disconnect/connect loop ad infinitum.

Since the modem was an older model upgraded to v90 spec, I thought
perhaps there was a problem with the modem vis a vis newer v90
hardware.  I bought a replacement (USR 56k ISA PNP) with current v90 ROM
and have the same problem.  The problem does not exist with Windows 95.

WAY (at least not by me, perhaps the system?) between the time the modem
was functioning perfectly and the time it began to fail.  Same problem
with both old and new modem.  Anyone have any idea what the hell is
going on?


Sudden change in pppd behavior

Post by mh » Sat, 01 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Problem solved.  I changed the timeout setting in kppp sometime ago,
thinking it referred to the time between when a connection was
established and login occurred.  Initially, I experienced NO problems
with the new setting (20 seconds).  

As it turns out, the setting actually measures the time between
initiation (dialing) and the completion of negotiation, when the
connection is finally established.  For some reason I don't understand,
the time period between dialing, hand-shaking, and connecting, has
recently begun to exceed 20 seconds (slightly) and my modem was thus
"timing out"!  Apparently, hand-shaking is taking a few seconds
longer--perhaps due to changing line conditions.


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I have been running RH-7.1 for some time now, and suddenly my mouse started
behaving strange in X.  I have a serial MouseMan 3-button mouse which worked
perfectly until about 3 weeks ago, when it started to misbehave.  The
symptom is that I have to click the left button 2 or sometimes 3 times to
get the proper action.  The behavior is intermittent - sometimes the mouse
works fine for a period of time.

The reason that I think this is an X problem is that I run gpm in the
console mode, and the mouse seems to work fine there.

Unfortunately I cannot pinpoint exact time of when this whole thing started,
but it may be coincidental with the last batch of RH security updates.

Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance,


Andy Jaworski

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