need help with subnetting/routing/IP accounting

need help with subnetting/routing/IP accounting

Post by Broc Stirto » Sun, 26 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Hello all-      
        I was wondering if I could get some help with a networking problem.
First let me say that I am far from a networking expert, so
forgive/correct me if I make some mistakes in my explanation.  Also,
please ask for clarification if necessary.
        We have 5 (NT) machines (IP addresses through 105) which
are currently configured with a netmask of (so they can
see 163.181.50.* machines without a gateway... right?).  I would like to
subnet those 5 and a linux box (as the gateway machine) on an 8-address
subnet so the NT stations cannot see any machine except the other NT
machines and the linux box.  Is this possible if they are still on the
same PHYSICAL network (as long as the routing info (gateway/netmask/etc)
cannot be changed by users on the NT machines)?  Or will the NT stations
still be able to see any host on the physical network without using the
linux box?
        The reason I would like to do this is so I can set up IP accounting
(which as I understand can log network activity by host).  Would this be
        Also, the entire network is located inside a firewall.  To access the
internet, browsers must be set up to use the proxy server (this is NOT
the linux box).  Would it be possible to set up a transparent http proxy
that could log web access, so the browsers wouldn't have to be
reconfigured (e.g. squid requires the browsers be configured to use the
proxy correct?)?
        In a nutshell I would like to log all network activity (on a connection
basis, not a packet basis) on these 5 machines.  I thought the above way
may work.  Other suggestions are also appreciated.  Thanks in advance
for your help,



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