Linux newbie has problem with ftp/networking

Linux newbie has problem with ftp/networking

Post by Jason Mille » Sat, 07 Feb 1998 04:00:00


I have installed RH5.0 and configured my network card.  It is a 3c509b and
is detected and comes up
properly.  The problem is with ftp'ing.  I have an ISDN router which uses
NAT and works flawlessly on the
network.  It is configured with an internal address of and my
Linux box is at  I can
ping this as my default gateway and also initiate an ftp session with any
host on the 'net.  The problem is that the session seems to die after the
second or third command issued to the ftp host.  I can kill the ftp session
and reinitiate with no problem, but am lost as to what is happening.




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Hello all,

A newbie have problems connecting to Win2K from RH 7.1 and Win2K to RH 7.1.

I am able to connect to the Win2K machine using:
 (smbclient //NETBIOS_NAME_OF_WIN2K/SHARENAME -U <username_on_win2K_box>)

I am using the KDE desktop and would like to be able to browse the network
using Konqueror. When I try to browse the network using Konqueror I get the
error message "Cannot connect to host localhost."

Any ideas?

Again, thanks for the help!


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