nprint and /etc/printcap

nprint and /etc/printcap

Post by jasper » Tue, 28 Sep 1999 04:00:00


If I use "nprint" to print to a Netware queue, should I configure these
queues in my /etc/printcap file? Presently the queues are not configured in
this file, and I CAN print to it, but I get the familiar "staircase" effect.
I would like to print to LaserJet as well as DotMatrix printers, and there
are MANY queues.

There is only one entry in my /etc/printcap:

##PRINTTOOL3## NCP lj4dith 600x600 a4 {} LaserJet4dither Default {}

We use Red Hat 6 and NW4.11.

Many thanks!


1. Printcap and Nprint

I have successfully created a script called laser3 that will accept stdin
and print using nprint to a netware printer.  The script os:


 -U ts55428 -P `cat /etc/netware.password` -

using magicfilter and nprint.  This works fine with

cat /etc/printcap | laser3

Then I created a printcap entry like so:

# LPT1 simulation to print from mainframe

When I try to print using this entry, nothing happens and there are no
messages.  The spool file seems to leave the queue.  I have read the
magicfilter doc, the printcap man pages, the printing howto, and the nprint
doc and cannot seem to figure out what my problem is.  Thanks for any help.

BJC Health System
St. Louis, Missouri

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