Gigabit ethernet

Gigabit ethernet

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We are currently looking at introducing Gigabit into our LANs (Cisco
switches, Solaris / Sun Enterprise Series hosts, Linux / Intel hosts)
and I am seeking information on Gigabit NICs people are using with
success.  I have been read and been told about the ACEnic card as a
prefered card, but have read that it is now at 3com and refered to as
a "Legacy Card".


My question is if there is another card people recomend based on their
experiences on Linux and Solaris.

Also has anyone used the cards below. If so, what were your feelings
on them:

  Syskonnect - SK-9843 (SK-NET GE-SX)
  3com - Gigabit EtherLink Server
  NetGear - GA620

Any feedback greatfully accepted.



1. Is jumbo ethernet MTU possible with Hamachi Gigabit ethernet driver?

I'm trying to get some Gigabit ethernet cards that use the Packet
Engines Hamachi GNIC-II chip to use a large mtu to attempt to get a
throughput of close to the 1Gb rating of the card.  This is on a Compact
PCI Alpha system.  I'm trying to use an MTU in the 8000 to 9000 range
and so far have not been able to get these MTUs to work.

I have changed the PKT_BUF_SZ and MAX_FRAME_SIZE constants in hamachi.c
and ETH_DATA_LEN and ETH_FRAME_LEN in if_ether.h.  I can use ifconfig to
change the MTU above 1500 on one side of a connection but as soon as I
raise the MTU on both sides to greater than 1500 the link dies.  I can
change the MTU with ifconfig back to 1500 and the link will resume
operation.  We are currently somewhat married to the 2.2.14 kernel.

I read that some ethernet drivers will support jumbo MTUs.  There
appears to be something in the hamachi driver or the kernel that I've
missed.  Perhaps this only works with a later version kernel or the
hamachi driver needs more changes?  Any help would be appreciated.

John Weidman

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