Ethernet Advice Sought

Ethernet Advice Sought

Post by Todd Graham Lewi » Fri, 05 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone have any opinions concerning which ISA ethernet card model
gives the greatest bps output with normal (i.e., ->100%) reliability?

Of course you do.  Would you mind sharing?

(This is for a personal project, hence the ISA requirement.)

My initial impression would be 3c509 or an SMC card, but I'd like to hear
others' opinions.  If you could cc: me any replies, I'd be appreciative.

Todd Graham Lewis        Core Engineering      Mindspring Enterprises


1. ISA Ethernet card advice sought

I am going to inherit an old 486 machine with no ethernet card.  I'd like
to set this machine up to be the IP Masquerading gateway and PPP demand
dial machine for my little 3 machine network.  I am new (only at it for
about 3 months now) to Linux and PCs, so I would appreciate some advice on
what ethernet card to get.  Following a link on the Linux homepage, I
found 3Com <> and their 3C509B-TPO (RJ-45 connector
only) ISA ethernet card.  Is this a good/OK/bad card to get?  Thanks!


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