problem with IP multicasting

problem with IP multicasting

Post by Andrew Booke » Sat, 15 Jul 1995 04:00:00

        I'm having a problem with the multicasting in Linux 1.2.11.  It
seems like the kernel is failing to send an igmp packet to request
a new membership.  I'm able to send and receive multicast only
when another machine on the same subnet is listening to the same
address.  I've used strace to trace through sd and vat, and found
that they are successfully calling setsockopt() with
        I'm running Linux 1.2.11 on a 486DX2, gcc 2.5.8.

Any ideas?


Andrew Booker


1. IP multicasting problem

I'm having some problems with IP multicasts. I'm developing a java-based
network game that uses multicasts to broadcast information. Socket creation
goes fine, but any time I try to join a multicast group I get an annoying
error message from the kernel. First it was "no such device" until I routed
class D addresses to loopback by 'route add -net netmask dev lo'. (Hope I remembered that right.) After that the error
message changed to "cannot assign the requested address". I tried to route
my multicast address ( to loopback as well, which seems to work
ok, but I still get the same error. I have multicast support compiled in my
kernel, but no real network available. I have tried with the dummy device,
but that doesn't seem to help either. Looks like I cannot send multicasts
to it ("operation not supported by device" when I try 'ifconfig dummy').

Any advices?

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