linux and Microsoft Proxy 2.0

linux and Microsoft Proxy 2.0

Post by Michael Bellom » Mon, 08 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I've got my linux box behind a proxy server running NT4.0 and Microsoft
Proxy 2.0.  Anyone know how I can get the proxy to respect the fact that
I don't want to run a Micorsoft OS on my machine?  I can't get my
network to recognize anything outside the proxy.  Yet it will recognize
the IPs of the inside and outside network in the proxy.  Any help would
be great, thanks.



1. Linux and Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0

    I have been trying to get Netscape Communicator under Linux to use MS
Proxy 2.0 to connect to the internet. However, I don't seem to be having
much luck. I can see Netscape vigorously try to access the NT Server but it
finally fails and Netscape displays a message of Error: Access Denied. Has
anyone had any luck with this? I am currently using Slackware Linux 2.0.34
(InfoMagic July 1998 release). Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

Tony Melendez
Senior Software Engineer
The LongView Group, Inc.

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