cable link light going out in RH6.2

cable link light going out in RH6.2

Post by bmann.. » Sat, 15 Jul 2000 04:00:00

that have posted on here.  I do however have a problem that doesn't
seem to be addressed in any of the postings i have seen.  so here i go

last night I was trying to configure my linux redhat 6.2 box with 2

nics work one is an old isa ne2000 (eth0) and the other is an smc(eth1)
that i got with my cablemodem. my cable modem is attached to eth1 and
my house lan is attached to eth0.  so on boot up when it loads the
drivers for eth0 and 1 the pclink light comes up on the cable modem.

I log into linux and do an ifconfig... only eth0 and lo are there.  so
i type "ifconfig eth1 up"  as soon as that comes up the link light goes
off.  never to be seen again until the reboot.

i installed dhclient last night and when that starts its little
dhcpdiscovery thing the light goes out too... so basically anytime i
try to do anything with eth1 my link light goes out and no connectivity
between the computer and the modem is seen.

me and the mac address is correct and is using the proper card.  i am
guessing as soon as i get this issue resolvd my DHCP stuff will work
just fine.

Anything anyone could tell me would be great.



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1. Link light on Cable Modem disappears!!


I have a strange problem trying to get my cable modem to work with my
I would appreciate if someone can even point me in the right direction!

1) My cable modem works fine with my win95 system
2) The cable modem (LanCity) has four lights in the front and one light
next to
   ethernet cable in the back (link light).
3) The ethernet card on the machine works fine either in Win95 or with
  (I have NDC nic cards and NDC hub).
4) However, if I boot linux on the machine, the link light on the
cable-modem stays
   on untill exactly the time Linux kernel detects the NIC. Then the
link light goes off.
   And I can not connect to the internet anymore...

Some other information:
1) Linux is 5.1 (2.0.34 kernel).
2) The link light on the modem goes off even if I connect a win95
machine but
   through a hub.
3) They gave me a static ID (and I have set up all parameters

So what is going on? Anyone had problems with the link light. It looks
like the
cable modem will only talk to a win95 pc and that too if connected
directly (not
through hub).

As mentioned and help or even just pointers will be appreciated..

- Hirendu

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