ICMP Difficulties with RedHat 4.1 and 2.0.27 and.30 Kernels

ICMP Difficulties with RedHat 4.1 and 2.0.27 and.30 Kernels

Post by Stephen Johnso » Thu, 15 May 1997 04:00:00

I've recently installed Red Hat Linux 4.1 on an HP XU/90 PC. The wierd
thing is that when I try to use ping or traceroute I get the error
messages saying "ping: unknown procotol icmp" and "icmp: procotol

I get the error when using the stock 2.0.27 from the Red Hat
distribution and using my usual customize kernels. I have use
NetKit-B-0.08-13.i386.rpm and NetKit-B-0.09-13.i386.rpm packages. I have
even recompile the NetKit 0.09 sources, and I still get the error. I
have some network mangement software that I use and all of it's icmp
functionality works with no problems.

I have installed Red Hat 4.1 on other computers systems without any
problems. I'm just about to wits end on this one.  Does anyone have any
ideas or suggestions?

Stephen L. Johnson


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