Linux Router via ppp help?

Linux Router via ppp help?

Post by bwing.. » Sat, 27 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I have need some help with setting up the routers. First I am using Two
linux boxes linked via pppd over a direct line, with each box attached
to a lan. My goal is to run a telnet from lanb to the AIX machine on

LAN A                   Linuxa------ppp---------Linuxb           Lan B

using a subnet of 2555.255.255.0

the pppd command pppd -detach crtscts persist lock /Dev/ttyS0 38400 &

I have tried adding static routers.

linux a

route add -host  ppp0

linux b

route add -host ppp0

I have tried default net and gateways.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks Brian


1. linux box as router between LAN and internet-via-ppp / help requested


My Linux box is connected to the local network.  It has its own IP
address on that network.  My Linux box is also connected to the rest
of the internet via a PPP connection.  It has its own IP address for
that PPP connection too (dynamically assigned).

My Linux box has kernel support for forwarding/routing packets.
My Linux box has kernel support for having two IP addresses for just
this sort of occasion (CONFIG_DUMMY is set).

On the local network I tell a Win95 machine (it doesn't have to be
Win95, but in this case it is) that my Linux box is the gateway for
that Win95 machine.

There exists a route from my Linux box to the Win95 machine.

Let's call the eth0 IP address of my Linux box ETHIP.
Let's call the ppp0 IP address of my Linux box PPPIP.

Now let's test:

From my Linux box, I can ping the Win95 machine.
From my Linux box, I can ping my ppp peer (and the rest of the

From the Win95 machine, I can ping ETHIP.
From the Win95 machine, I can also ping PPPIP.

I cannot, however, ping even one machine beyond my Linux box from the
Win95 machine.  This is the crux of the problem, and I'm not quite
sure what to configure (or how to configure it) on my Linux box in
order to successfully route the packets from the Win95 machine to
my ppp peer.

I've looked briefly at gated, but I couldn't find source code nor
man pages nor sample config files at sunsite, so I didn't know if
that was the right package to use or not.  I'm also unfamiliar with
routed.  The NET-2-HOWTO didn't offer detailed help either.

Any and all help would be appreciated.  Please send ideas to my


Many thanks in advance,

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