seting up linux as dail in localonly tcp/novel/NT network

seting up linux as dail in localonly tcp/novel/NT network

Post by Michael Kut » Sat, 22 May 1999 04:00:00

appologize ahead of time for possible posting in wrong newsgroup..

i'm needing info on software for win95 machines that allow "them"
to have MY linux machine dail back to "them"
(like "dial up network adapter" but ANSWERS instead of CALLS)

why? i have "extended area" coverage on phone line and "they" are local
to me and my server but I am long distance.

only other option is to get them to buy a 486, setup linux
and make up a home-made WAN.

keyword: FREE!!!

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hello, i was wondering if anyone could help..i am going to install linux on
a networked machine.  I am not sure what flavour i will install
yet..currently aquiring all the various distributions including redhat 7.0,
suse, debain, corel linux and various others available from tucows and will
probably try each one out till i find the best.  The machine i will be
installing to is part of a university network which uses novel netware to
logon to a user account, accounts having restricted access.  My question is
this, if i know the IP address of the workstation and have admin rights /
account or just a user account with restricted priveliges, can i access the
network once linux is installed??  Will the network admin be able to detect
linux running on the machine when i use it / when it is online (apart from
the obvious of actually using the machine.)  Do i require any particular
knowledge to configure linux for running on that particular network?  Cheers

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