Automating sendmail for forwarding, replies

Automating sendmail for forwarding, replies

Post by Dona » Fri, 31 May 1996 04:00:00

-- Could anyone tell me how I go about automatically forwarding mail
Also, the same goes for automatic replies.

Thanks for any help.



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1. sendmail virtual domain automate the forwarding

I have a question on the following.  Can anybody help me?

I am using a virtual domain for sendmail to forward mail.
The operation itself is not a problem, but what I would like to do,
is to automate the forwarding addresses modification when requested
by our users.
Currently, I have users mail me when modification is required.  But
my concern is that when users increase, this is going to consume alot
of time and work to maintain.

Is there a program or script that will enable something like:

1) Place a data base file in the user's home directory, and collect
   in a certain ratio
2) Send the modification request file to a certain e-mail address.
3) Modify from a WWW form

Appreciate if somebody can help.

Yasushi Arai  Tokyo,Japan

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