Help with NFS needed

Help with NFS needed

Post by Patrick Zwahle » Tue, 16 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hi there...

I'm currently working on a very simplified NFS server in Java, which
will not really be an common NFS server, but which will use the NFS
protocol to share a web tree (I know, it's not really clear ;-)

I would really need some help and some explanations on the way the linux
NFS server is handling the file handles and the cookies on directory
listings. So could you point me to a maybe more specific mailing list,
or directly to somebody who may help me (already tried Olaf, but still
no answer.......)

Many thanks in advance, and best regards...          - Patrick -

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Saumerstrasse 4                    Fax:    +41 (0)1-724-8953
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1. Help with NFS needed

Hi, I'm trying to set up a PC as an NFS client to one of our Solaris
servers (don't ask, but it has to do with administering Novell NDS).

The client stack is Novell NFS Client for LAN Workplace.

The client requires a program called "pcnfsd" or Novell's "lwpnfsd".  I
couldn't find the former in Solaris, so I compiled and ran the latter.
It appears to work (no errors, client behavior improved after setting it up).

From the client when we try to connect to the server we get the
message "Access denied."  If we mistype the password of the unix
acocunt we get an "Authorization error" message instead.

The permissions on the exported directory are 0777.

I don't have much experience with NFS and I'm looking for suggestions
on how I might proceed from this point.

This is the line from my /etc/dfs/dfstab (and I remembered to execute
the file).

share -F nfs -o /var/local/lib/ndsgate

The exports command on the client shows the filesystem as available.


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