ICMP TimeStampRequests

ICMP TimeStampRequests

Post by Akira Uchi » Mon, 05 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Hi all,

I'm working on software developing company in Japan.

My collegue is developing some networking APs using raw BSD Socket.
But she faces strange behavior about ICMP TimeStampRequests on Linux.

She can't post article to the world, so I post her question below.

The question would be:
What's the best way to compare the 32-Bit TIMESTAMPS from an incoming
ICMP-TIMESTAMPREPLY and the own machine clock using the ICMP implementation
of Linux 1.2.8 ?
I have funny results when sending IMCP-TIMESTAMPREQUESTs to the local
machine. Using gettimeofday() in this case seems to be the wrong way...
Or does somebody have any experience with bugs in the ICMP implementation
for Linux ?

If you have any suggestion or solution about this, please reply to her

Her address is;





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