pure-ftpd server and Linksys router...no answers anywhere

pure-ftpd server and Linksys router...no answers anywhere

Post by Dan All » Sat, 29 Dec 2001 03:41:21

I am to the point of throwing things with this problem.  It shouldn't
be call the Linksys router it should be called the Link*less* router
because the NAT is so annoying...enough ranting, read on.

I have two computers behind my cable modem/Linksys router setup.  One
is windows and one is linux.  I have ftp-servU on the windows and
pure-ftpd server on the linux.  When I ftp into the windows, it picks
a passive port and connects, no complains (this is all from the
outside I am connecting).  I ftp into the linux, and I get this...

Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.
ftp> ls
500 Unknown command
Passive mode refused. Turning off passive mode.
200 PORT command successful
150 Connecting to port 40304

Now, in my settings for running pure-ftpd server I have
-p 4000:5000
as the passive port range and those ports are being forwarded to my
linux box.  I am using the flag -b for broken compatiblity, so it
isn't that.  Now, the reason I can even connect is because I am using
-N which is the NAT flag telling the server to disable passive and try
active if passive is failing, which is what you see above.  Basically,
it seems to me like pure-ftpd is messed up because I never get this
message with ftp-servU and I remain in passive mode.  If I don't use
the -N flag for pure-ftpd then the connection just freezes on an 'ls'
command.  I have tried other ftp servers and I get the same problem
over and over.

Now, if I port forward every port to my linux box, I can turn off the
-N flag and the -p flag and I can remain in passive mode, no problem.
So it appears to me that the -p option is not working (being ignored)
and it would be nice if some testing could be done behind a linksys to
figure out what the world is going on.

Any info would be much appreciated...

bigredlinux at yahoo dot com