Problem with collisions when accessing Linux machine

Problem with collisions when accessing Linux machine

Post by Michael Urba » Fri, 19 Feb 1999 04:00:00


I have a small net with a Linux server and two Win98 clients running
on 100Mb Ethernet. When I access Linux via Samba, I get very
poor throughput, typically not more than 3.3Mbit/sec and lots of collisions
happen. When the two Win machines communicate, speed is up to the max (can
see it on the hub) and when I ping the Linux machine with large packet
sizes, speed is also ok, without any collisions.

Anyone any idea?



1. ftp access problem from linux machine to linux machine

I am having a problem FTPing to one Linux machine from another.

The connecting machine in Redhat 6.1 with a real IP with no associated name
(no reverse lookup). The FTP server  is RedHat 6.0 with a real IP address
that can be translated to a host name.

The FTP server has ipchains enabled, but only for masqing. The default
policy is to allow all traffic in and out.

The connecting machine is not using ipchains at all. It is a fresh stock
install of RH6.1

The FTP server does not allow anonymous connection.
I initiate the ftp session from a command line ftp -d
It makes a connection, asks for a username. I type in a good username and it
then asks for a password. I type in the correct password.
Everything is fine to this point.
I am now at the ftp> prompt
I type ls to get a list of files. the following is returned:
ftp: setsockopt (ignored): Permission denied
------> PORT 207,113,140,28,4,47

That's where I am at now. I never get a listing of file.

I have to CTRl+Z to stop the process.

If I go though the same steps again and this time don't do a ls, but rather
a cd to my home directory on the ftp server this is what I get back:

ftp> cd /home/mydir
-----> CWD /home/mydir

and a blinking cursor with no output.

I have no entries in the hosts.allow or host.deny
I also put the connection machines IP info in the /etc/hosts  file on the
FTp server.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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