Anyone knows about AODV?

Anyone knows about AODV?

Post by killu » Wed, 16 May 2007 19:17:55

I'm a college student and I need to developed a system which uses
ad-hoc network using AODV routing protocol. I' ve tried to look in the
website for any sample coding on wireless ad-hoc network using AODV.
I've found a code in the NIST site but it has no explanation.
Can anyone help me?  Im doing in c using eclipse.

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Hi my keyboard freezes in Win98 and Peanut Linux running under dos. I've a
Celeron 466 64MB 6GB HD. After using the keyboard for a few minutes after
booting it allways stops responding or the last key I pressed continues to
be pressed down after I've stoped using it. In win98 it's okay because I can
always shutdown with the mouse but in peanut i just use the power button.

I've tried 3 keyboards and it happens with each one. I'm thinking there's a
problem with the motherboard. Has anyone had a similare experience?

thanks. bye.

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