Help! Red Hat 4.2 sendmail problem

Help! Red Hat 4.2 sendmail problem

Post by ARK Systems US » Wed, 19 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I upgraded my Linux system/server a few weeks ago from 2-year old
Slackware to Red Hat 4.2. Since then sendmail has been unstable.
We have our own domain and the Linux box has automatic periodic
dial-up connections to our ISP several times a day. It has with a few lines od hand-patches derived after the old that was working for 2 years with the old system.

The symptoms are:

- Often, there are undelivered messages queued in the view of
  mailq forever
- The destination SMTP servers for those undelivered messages
  are up and new messages to the same destinations are usually
  delivered successfully while the queued messages remain
- The undelivered messages have asterisks "*" indicating they have
  associating sendmail processes; this may or may not be true--
  some of such messages do have sendmail, but other do not
- If I kill the associating sendmail process for such an undelivered
  message and say "sendmail -q," the message may or may not be
- There are a couple of message entries seen in "mailq" with
  the comment "No control file"
- If I kill the daemon sendmail process and respawn a new one,
  it may or may not help; but if I reboot the system (and restart
  all daemons), the undelivered messages are all cleaned up
  (yes, delivered).
- Random messages seem to become undelivered, no particular
  destinations. Mostly from an internal address (under our domain,
  from an SMTP client on our intra-net) to an outside address,
  but there was an incetance of intra-domain instance as well.

I am very disappointed with this and am now thinkng to revert to
the old Slackware sendmail. If this is the choice, the sendmail
program and copnfiguration file are the only things
I need revert; are there anything else I need?

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