ftp, X and http sessions mangled by pppd

ftp, X and http sessions mangled by pppd

Post by Dejan Vucin » Sat, 24 Aug 1996 04:00:00


I'm using pppd 2.2.0 to connect to some kind of Cisco server (callback).
The upstream traffic works well enough, but if I try to ftp a large
file downstream (i.e. from my machine onto the network) after a couple
of kilobytes the transfer just dies.  The modem lights blink a few more
times after about five seconds, and then nothing.  The remote ftpd
doesn't even realize that the socket was closed (I have a few utmp
entries on the remote machine from a month ago, they claim no idle
time...  :)

It appears that a similar thing happens to the X clients from the
remote machine.  xev works fine, but xterm or anything bigger never
gets to open a window.  I tried running through the X compressor,
and I get the window, but dxpc dumps core as soon as I start doing
something in it.

Related to these problems might be the fact that I can't load a random
selection of html documents from the Web.  The negotiation works OK,
then Mozilla says 'Transferring data' and goes to sleep.

None of these events seem to affect other PPP traffic at all.
There is hardware flow control between the modem and the machine.
In my 386/Net/FreeBSD days I haven't seen this behavior---the machine
is the same, the callback server is the same, the modem and the cable
are the same, the OS is not.  No relevant /var/adm/messages.
If you've seen anything like this, please email me, and I'll summarize.


Dejan Vucinic


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Hi everybody,
I have my ISP's administrator applyed filtering rules for my hosts as
following :
From        To              Servises                Rights
my hosts    Universe      ftp, http, smtp,          Permit
                          http-ftp, http-gopher,

Universe    My hosts      ftp, http, smtp,          Permit
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In fact, I don't know about mechanism of http-ftp, http-gopher, please
tell me about these mechanism, what ports are they used for them ?
Or tell me where I can get documentary about them .
Any help would be appreciated.
Ha Le

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