help with setting up .US domain

help with setting up .US domain

Post by Pablo Veramen » Thu, 29 Apr 1999 04:00:00

        Ok, here is the situation, we have 2 DNS servers in our
office. One is running Linux (2.0.0 I believe) and the other is
running SGI IRIX 5.3. I edited the (reverse IP)IN-ADDR.ARPA
file on the SGI and added

45      IN      PTR

then did a:

killall -HUP named

works fine. When I ping the IP it resolves

So I then went to the Linux box, and edited the same file (the linux
is our primary DNS) and added the same entry, and killed the named
process. But it does not resolve the domain name. Is there something
special that I have to do? Something that I am missing? All the other
domains that I deal with are but never a government
one like this. Anything done differently?

-Pablo Veramendi
Systems Engineer
CompuSolve Corp.