Untrustworthy DHCP leases

Untrustworthy DHCP leases

Post by gerr » Mon, 10 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I'm trying to find out how linux (newbie to linux) handles untrustworthy
DHCP leases.

In particular, MediaOne chooses to change subnets on your line from time to
time even though valid leases are outstanding. An example:

July 7th they switched me from

IP      24.128.253.x


IP      24.91.40.x

Unfortunately, I still had a lease and my "old" gateway was unreachable.

At the time, I was connected via a LinkSys router which actually believed
M1's lease information. I could have waited 36 hours (about 1/2 the lease
duration) and the linksys probably would have renewed and received a proper

I'm considering making my linux box the router. How does Linux (Mandrake
7.1) deal with loss of connectivity?

So far I've found, in this situation:

Linksys Routers - die until they renew or reset
UGate routers - same
Win9x - same
Win2k - renews if connection is lost

Clearly, M1 shouldn't do this but they do. Does Linux behave like Win2k or
could a simple script be scheduled to ping the gateway (it would have to
figure that out from the lease) and force a release/renue if the gateway

There are networks with multiple DHCP servers and multiple gateways so I
doubt I must re-invent the wheel <G>


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I've installed a dhcp server as described in the freebsd handbook on my
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Thanks in advance, bye

Max Wiertz

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