Linux networking architecture overview required

Linux networking architecture overview required

Post by Dave » Sun, 20 May 2001 02:00:04

Hello, I am quite new to the Linux networking field although I have been
working in the networking field in general for a few years. Could someone
point me to a diagram or overview which gives a schematic of the Linux
TCP/IP networking stack structure. I am particularly interested in knowing
what the equivalent of the NDIS layer is as used by NT. What are the open
network driver interfaces used under Linux?

Many thanks

Dave W


1. overviews of GUI architectures

does anyone know of any overviews of how GUI's work internally.
preferably something i could download for free.  I was naturally
thinking of X, but i couldnt find any info i could get free- the
opengroup (who controls the X spec) wants to charge $$$$ to download
their lousy pdfs.  i probably only need something general/architectural


jon railsback

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